First Methodist Church of Martinsville is an evangelical, biblically-oriented, orthodox congregation continuing the movement begun by John Wesley in 1738.

We believe:

  • The Bible as contained in the Old and New Testaments is the inspired Word of God and is the unique, full and final authority on all matters of faith and practice.
  • God is the Creator and Ruler of all that exists. He has eternally existed in three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • All persons are created by God in the image of God and are persons of sacred and eternal worth.
  • All people have sinned and fallen short of God’s perfect purpose and design for humanity (Romans 3:23) and apart from God’s gracious initiative, we remain separated from God.
  • Jesus Christ is the unique Son of God, “the Word made flesh,” in whom “the fullness of the Godhead dwelled bodily.” He lived a sinless human life and died sacrificially for the sins of each person and all persons (1 Peter 3:18).
  • In Wesleyan theology, a) all need to be saved, b) all may be saved, c) all may know they are saved, and d) all may be saved to the uttermost (Ephesians 2:8-9).
  • While we are not saved by any amount of good works we may do, we are saved for good works and for holy living which is expressed in the Great Commandments, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength,” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
  • Baptism is an outward sign of God’s grace at work inwardly. It marks our initiation into the church and our identification as children of God. Those baptized as children must accept Christ as personal Savior and Lord at the age of accountability to confirm their faith and membership in the church.
  • Communion is a sacrament of the shed blood and broken body of Christ sacrificed for us on the cross. God chooses to be present in the bread and the cup to make his saving and sustaining grace available to all who partake in reverence and faith. Our communion is open to all in attendance who recognize the sacrament’s meaning.